Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The kitchen table is a symbol in many households, a place of gathering for family and friends, a place to discuss the events of the day, marvel at creations fresh from the oven and share ideas. It has been the host to many fierce political debates and heartfelt family moments, it is a place to enjoy cookies after school and a place many children sit and learn their mother's kitchen secrets. A place where life if discussed deep into the night and hot cocoa or ice cold lemonade are always available. The kitchen table is often the heart of a home.

When trying to decide on a blog name and direction I have often been stumped. I have many interests and many topics I would like to discuss, but I could not seem to find a framework that would incorporate those varying concepts. A blog dedicated to my love for bread baking seemed the wrong place to voice my opinions on current events, while a blog centering around my Christian faith didn't seem the exact right place to share pictures of my newest oven creation. There is however one place all topics and all ideas meet - the kitchen table. So while this blog will have a heavy emphasis on bread baking, pizza making, and other kitchen projects, it will also feature commentary on things I find of interest. This could range from faith and family to education, or politics. I suppose it will eventually be just a little bit of everything.

I welcome anyone to sit at my kitchen table, with some simple rules that can be found at many a woman's kitchen table: be respectful to others at the table, don't take the Lord's name in vain and don't talk with your mouth full. Follow those simple rules and we will get along fine.

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